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The Crash Report: 06/15/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
June 2019

This week, our team worked hard on making our platform better, getting Discover out into the world, and clarifying our vision and strategy so we know where we’re going.

Here’s an inside look into our work this week.

Building a Jobs Board

Cameron’s building a new Crash Jobs Board for the best early-career opportunities! This’ll be a great spot for career launchers to find opportunities they can start in.

He also helped Crash users pitch companies and land interviews (we’re really excited about this) and did customer-discover calls with entry-level hiring managers.

Getting Discover into the World

Since the launch of our newest project (Discover) last week, we’ve worked tirelessly to promote it in quite a few different ways.

Here are a couple things we’ve done to share it:

  • Isaac did some personal promotion
  • Morgan reached out manually to people in our network with a link to take the test
  • Chuck, Isaac, Mitchell, and Morgan collaborated on a new article that explores the Why behind Discover (check it out here)
  • Morgan wrote about it on Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

We’re happy to say 445 people tried it during its first week! We can’t wait to see how Discover continues to reach more people and help them know where to start on the job hunt.

Haven’t taken Discover yet? Go try it here!

Vision and Strategy and Marketing and Podcasts

We spent a lot of the week tightening up our vision and strategy. To do this, Isaac did some important update meetings with the team, and Mitchell had several discussions with our mentors and team and did a ton of market research. This helps us both validate some of our questions and learn how to better define the problem we’re solving.

Mitchell also:

  • Ran several tests to better understand what works and what doesn’t with our messaging, value propositions, and ads
  • Led a Praxis Wednesday session to tell his story and talk about how to leverage momentum early in your career
  • Brainstormed some upcoming content ideas and worked on landing page copy
  • Did some manual-outreach emails
  • Wrote the week’s newsletter
  • Started mocking up our new onboarding process and some profile updates
  • Got 45k more views on his Quora answers

To get ready for the second season of Career Crashers (our podcast), Isaac did an in-person, two-part interview for its first episode. He also had meetings with two of our current investors and did a monthly investor update.

Morgan continued her daily-Quora-answer-during-the-workweek streak (with this week’s focus being to help people figure out what career is best for them) and started working on a new direction for our social media (to build more enagement and grow our audience).

Upgrading, Bug Squashing, and Making the Profile Better

Ilya worked on our onboarding–he fixed a link to Discover and brought back the ability for second role interests to be optional. He also added UI and API for an “update your experience” addition–now you can edit your work experience on your profile!

Dave created a new staging enviroment to test large changes to our platform before those changes are rolled out and did mockups for changes to the profile and new features (which’ll come soon).

Ilya also:

  • Added snapshots (visual tests) for public profile and pitch images
  • Investigated documenting new Ember features and ShadowDom in FastBoot (ended up not being possible)
  • Implemented a gated-publish featured
  • Allowed linking to the homepage from your profile (clicking on the Crash logo from your profile will now take you to the homepage!)
  • Made a page for an ad test we ran
  • Updated our Featured Work UI
  • Did lots of bug squashing

Dave also upgraded us to the latest version of Ember and upgraded other parts of Crash’s codebase.

Our engineering team also released a new Crash Log podcast episode on the deployment of FastBoot, hunting down memory leaks using ndb and the delete key, handling authentication with a FastBoot server, and more. Listen here!

Until next week!

We’ll be back with more insider details on what our team’s working on at Crash. Until then, go check out our latest tool, Discover (linked below!).

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