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The Crash Report: 06/22/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
June 2019

This week was all about working toward some big improvements to drive growth. Building a category is no easy task–so we’re learning to be better at telling our story, tracking our work, and doing what it takes to help people overcome the job hunt process and get hired.

Here’s the work our team did this week to propel Crash forward–plus a few sneak peeks at something cool we’re working on below!

A New Jobs Board and Tracking Outcomes

This week, Cameron detailed how we currently track user outcomes and figured out the best way to do so going forward. He sent out a weekly early-career job recommendations email (it’s pretty sweet) and organized a list of hiring managers and recruiters we can engage with soon.

Cameron also finished v1 of the Crash Jobs Board (a really great CRM of available job opportunities for early-career launchers)–and we’re making it available for everyone who creates a profile on Crash (hint hint: go create a profile!).

Big-Picture Planning and Marketing Details

Isaac did two podcast interviews this week, started writing a new thoughtpiece (keep an eye out for it soon!), and worked on quite a lot of internal and external business meetings and projects.

Mitchell worked on a better system for time and task management, did some big-picture planning on our content and lead-generation stragety, built a cool template for generating lists of job openings (it’ll be public soon!), worked on a blog post, and did email outreach.

Morgan worked on figuring out how to better approach our social media–with the goal of being human and accelerating its growth. She also worked on some new documents and checklists for our platform, ran social media, brainstormed different ways to define the problem we’re trying to solve, learned more about SEO and backlinks, and was excited to see lots of social proof this week for Crash and Discover.

Planning with Chuck

Chuck cooked up a great new plan for job launch resources this week (including tips, tricks, and tools to help with the job hunt). He also spent some time brainstorming the role of Discover, our career discovery quiz–with the goal of deciding where it fits best as we move forward.

Better User Experiences

Ilya updated Overwatch to the latest Ember version and made it FastBoot friendly, added user pagination to Overwatch, added recordering for the profile’s tech stack and work experience, worked on mockups, and added new tests.

Dave worked hard on some new mockups, and once they were completed, started the process of transitioning the profile to the new layout.

Speaking of…

A Sneak Peek at Something Big

We’re working on something huge–and it’ll have a major release soon. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

Until next week!

Keep an eye out for some (pretty amazing) changes coming soon to Crash. In the meantime, go check out Discover–a fun new way to learn about your unique personality and the roles that might fit.

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