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The Crash Report: 06/29/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
June 2019

This week, our team shipped a new tool every day to make the job hunt process easier.

Crash Job Hunt Tools

Because of these tools, we’re engaging with people who didn’t know we existed a week ago–and they’re really excited about what we’re doing.

We’re putting out valuable content people actually want to use.

(And we’re having a lot of fun, too.)

Job Hunt Tools

Here’s a list of the tools we’ve put out so far.

If you’re on the hunt, go check these tools out and use them however you’d like–they’re there for you. And if you like them, tell a friend!

Putting Tools Out There

Every time a new tool was built, Chuck built a new page for it. Our team would promote it and help each other out on social media.

This generates traffic, yes (which is great), but more importantly, we spent the week creating tools that actually help people on the job hunt (which is better).

Go check out our job hunt tools!

A Few More Things

Dave did a lot of heavy-lifting on the platform homepage and profile.

Mitchell and Morgan did manual outreach to job-hunters on LinkedIn, and Mitchell did more via email.

Mitchell interviewed a handful of Crashers, and Morgan’s turning those videos into shorter videos they can use to tell their job hunt story.

Chuck added sidebars on the new platform and spent most of his week building on Dave and Ilya’s engineering work so we can meet an upcoming deadline.

Mitchell wrote a Quora answer and the week’s newsletter, as well as copy for our new tools.

Morgan ran social media, wrote things (daily Quora answers, email guides, and worked on a new about Crash page), and designed things. She also created a swipe file to keep track of ideas.

P.S. A few of our team are offline for a few days for family and other things–they’ll be back soon!

That’s it for now!

Big things are coming soon (if you’re curious what those are, check this out–or keep track of what’s new by following us on our Twitter–we share a lot there).

In the meantime, go check out the tools we’ve been building all week–and if you like them, let us know (feedback is our love language).

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