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The Crash Report: 07/06/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
July 2019

This week, five people announced their job hunt on our new reverse jobs board.

So cool.

A few of the coolest things we’ve heard:

“My inbox has been blowing up for the last 24 hours.”

Aquinnah Bree

I got an email from someone that has many connections. Says he wants to help me find a job at a startup. Will do a call next week. Pretty neat.

Erick Muller

They’re even winning interviews.

We’re thrilled to be on the ground with this group and continue working with them to launch careers they love. And we can’t wait for next week’s launch (happening on Monday).

At Mission Control

Isaac worked on launching our first five, encouraged feedback, and got a ton of fun help and interaction for them on their job hunt.

Mitchell worked with our first five launchers to promote themselves. He shared quite a few roles with each one they’d be good fits for and reached out to hiring managers.

Morgan promoted our first five launchers all over social media–shared their videos, their stories, their desire to be hired.

To get ready for our next five Crashers, Mitchell recorded interviews, Morgan’s editing them, and Mitchell gave feedback on their profiles and shared some open roles with them.

We’re also happy to say we just passed a thousand Discover takers this week! If you haven’t tried the new personality test made to help you discover your unique personality and find roles that might fit, try it here.

Discussions, Jarvis, Referrals, Bugs

Ilya worked hard to get Discussions live on profiles (go check out a Crash profile to try them!), added a sign up modal and a social share section to the public profile, and fixed a few bugs.

He’s also working on Jarvis (here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming soon to the profile):

It’s going to be awesome.

Chuck shipped the referral feature–we really want to encourage the Crash community and our Crasher’s networks to refer roles, so there’s now a way for someone to refer a role, and, if the Crasher gets hired, we’ll send them a $100 giftcard. You can start referring jobs here.

Chuck also worked on a welcome bar for Crash’s homepage and profiles and fixed a works deletion bug.

Dave’s fighting sickness this week. He writes, “Discovered some respiratory bugs in production, got a PR up now on the antibiotics branch, just waiting on a review from @immune-system to merge.” So we hope he’ll squash those bugs soon.

Until next week!

Go check out our awesome Crashers (and come back on Monday for five more!).

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