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The Crash Report: 07/13/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
July 2019

This week, one of our awesome Crashers landed a job!

By making her job hunt an event, Aquinnah Bree won a job in ten days!

Even more, lots of Crashers won interviews. (One told us his interview count was up to ten this week alone!)”

We’re thrilled to help more job-seekers announce and advertise their job hunt on Monday–keep an eye out on the homepage, and if you’d like to help them find their next opportunities, share job recommendations in the comments on their profiles!

Getting Ready for What’s Next + Promoting Crashers

Isaac met with a few investors, finished an article releasing next week on Medium, and did two podcast interviews. He also woke up at 3:15 a.m. Friday morning with a desperate need to write a team memo and jot down new feature ideas.

Mitchell was in the trenches giving Crashers his all this week. He prepped new launchers, helped them promote themselves, made some intros, gave referrals, and helped give a lot of feedback on pitches. He also did a lot of calls and emails with future launchers and wrote up this week’s newsletter.

Morgan promoted Crashers–their stories, videos, and readiness to be hired–on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. She wrote copy for and shipped new welcome emails, promoted a new guide of email templates for job-seekers, worked on videos for our third batch of launchers, and started on a new product video to show off Crash.

She also started a new Slack community for Crash launchers. This is going to be the place for all past and currect launchers to get first notice of job opportunities, advice, and more. If you want to join, use this link to set up a call and reserve your spot to launch on the homepage!

A Visual Journey of Updates

Chuck, Ilya, and Dave shipped a lot updates on the platform this week.

Chuck added new loading placeholders for the homepage…

New loading placeholders for Crash's homepage

And there are a few new sidebar calls-to-action…

Ilya shipped new log-in and sign-up modals:

And an awesome new mobile menu:

Ilya also continued his work on the Jarvis editor…

Chuck added a new welcome bar:

And 96 new logos for tech stacks.

Chuck also added:

  • Multiple cohorts on the homepage
  • More tracking events on buttons and votes
  • A reason label for modals
  • An update to Discover to push job-seeking status to Intercom
  • More tech stack items for ones listed as generic
  • Coming soon: suggested Crashers on profile sidebars

And Dave worked hard on:

  • Fixing login and signup flows
  • Fixing issues with OAuth redirection
  • Adding print styles for print-to-PDF support (so you can make your Crash profile into a PDF and bypass that resume entirely!)
  • Adding additional “log-in with” providers–including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Until next week!

We’ll be back soon with more updates. Go check out our awesome Crashers–and if you want to join them as they make their job hunt public, let us know!

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