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The Crash Report: 07/20/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
July 2019

This week, we worked hard to help Crashers advertise their job hunt and show how awesome they are.

We even heard this really cool story from a Crasher. 👇

Preface: Mitchell, our Director of Marketing, introduced a profile user to a hiring manager at a startup. This is what happened.

As soon as I got the offer I took it. I’ve had a great feeling from the start. My first interview was on Tuesday and I already have an offer, not only that but asked how soon I could be there.

An awesome Crasher

We love hearing stories like this one. It’s why we do what we do–so people and companies can find each other and discover incredible opportunities.

Writing Articles, Promoting Crashers

Isaac did more meetings and phone calls than you can shake a stick at. He put together a presentation for a speech he’s giving in a few weeks. And he wrote a great new article on why the best job hunts are campaigns.

Mitchell helped Crashers promote their launch. He worked on metrics and a pitch deck, made some partnership plans, and wrote this week’s newsletter. He also worked with upcoming Crashers to prepare for their launch.

Morgan ran our social media and promoted Crashers. She also worked on a new launch playbook, edited and uploaded new Crasher interview videos, and helped write copy for profile elements.

What We Shipped

Ilya shipped markdown and auto-linking for comments (best put to use by sharing role recommendations in the comment section on a Crasher’s profile).

He also shipped a discussion CTA to get more comment engagement.

Chuck shipped our new location feature so hiring managers can see exactly where Crashers are looking to be hired. He worked on help content for a forthcoming UI update and did lots of testing, too.

Ilya shipped the beta version of the new profile editing UI (codename: Jarvis). He also worked with Chuck on the location feature and some performance improvements, and he fixed profile widths on mobile.

Dave shipped Jarvis for mobile–check out what the new editing experience looks like on below!

And that’s all for now!

Like that new editing experience? Yeah, us, too! Go ahead and try it yourself by creating a profile.

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