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The Crash Report: 08/03/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
August 2019

The best news: we got to celebrate several Crashers being hired this week! We’re excited to see how they excel in their new jobs and continue standing out from the crowd.

Here’s what our team worked on this week.

Talking About the Job Hunt and Working with Crashers

Isaac talked to a journalist this week who’s doing a story on getting jobs without degrees. He worked on his pitch for our upcoming 500 Startups Demo Day, was interviewed on a podcast, and had several investor meetings. He’s also working on a new article on the power of unpaid work as both a learning tool and a way to get great jobs.

Mitchell got to do one of his favorite things ever: introduce several Crashers to people looking for talent. He rallied more job-seekers for future launch days and worked one-on-one with several launchers on profiles and pitches. He also worked on some partnerships with a couple awesome companies whose customers we want to help get hired.

Morgan got us closer-to-ready for an upcoming conference Isaac is speaking at by creating a form and auto-email for attendees and shipping copies of Crash Your Career to conference staff. She also met with Praxis participants to help them launch on our homepage.

Promoting Crashers and Designing Landing Pages

Mitchell worked with this week’s batch to promote themselves, and Morgan promoted Crashers all over social media.

Mitchell wrote the week’s newsletter and is working on some really exciting content we’ll roll out in the next month. Morgan started documenting ideas to add to that content and made promo videos for Crashers.

Morgan also designed a new landing page to show how a launch campaign on Crash works.

Here’s a sneak preview.

The New Launch Dashboard, Comment Replies, and More

Chuck built a lightweight internal content management system (CMS ) to manage site articles and content. He’ll be loading that up over the weekend!

Ilya landed the new launch dashboard…

And a launch day reservation ability.

He worked on the ability to update the location you’re searching for jobs in…

And he shipped comment replies and editing.

Dave shipped hired badges…

And he scoped out the functionality of an upcoming search page and designed mockups for that page.

He also spent too much time in the ER for Pneumonia Strikes Back this week. But we’re glad to have him back.

That’s all for now, folks!

Go check out our latest Crashers. Or try our personality test made to help you know where to start your career. 👇

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