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The Crash Report: 08/10/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
August 2019

Author’s note: I (Morgan) get the honor of writing these Crash Reports each week. We’re huge fans of documentation and showing your work–and these weekly posts are a simple, effective way of creating a paper trail of our team’s work, looking brightly ahead to what’s next, and sharing as much as we can with you about what the inside of our company is like!

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy doing the weekly work that makes Crash awesome for job-seekers.

Here’s what we did this week!

Content Plans, Landing Pages, and ER Trips

(You read that right.)

Isaac flew cross-country three times this week, gave a talk at TOS-Con on how to create a career that makes you come alive, and–less fun–had a trip to the ER. We’re happy to say he’s figured out what’s wrong, and he’ll hopefully be doing much, much better soon!

Mitchell worked with this week’s launchers (and recruited more launchers for upcoming weeks!). He wrote landing page copy and the week’s newsletter, and he worked on a few awesome partnership opportunities.

Mitchell also worked hard on a content plan and did a deep-dive, white-space analysis to look at opportunities and gaps and see what content to fill them with.

Morgan promoted this week’s launchers on social media and helped them get the word out about their job hunt. She worked on new product and promo videos, added final design touches to a new How It Works landing page, and ran several calls with Praxis particpants on getting them ready for launch.

And, to help upcoming launchers, she also worked on a new detailed, personalized playbook for launch (and it’ll be coming soon to Crashers near you).

Platform UI Updates, Podcasts, and Resource Updates

Ilya landed the new location update UI. He shipped role proficiency, too–so now hiring managers can see experience levels at a glance. He fixed comment link overflow and made it so you can open links in new tabs, made some Safari and iOS visual fixes, and is working on a new onboarding experience and a launched-Crasher search.

Check out this sneak peek of the new search feature!

Dave shipped partner tagging–so Crashers who’re enrolled in our partner programs can show it on their profile. He shipped mobile and listing preview views to the profile editor, improving our understanding of how users find Crash, and fixed several smaller visual bugs. He also put together the mockups for the upcoming search page.

Chuck launched the new version of our resouce section–and it’s now editable via our admin interface (so the team can push new content!). See what he built here. He also did some great profile feedback for upcoming Crashers.

Dave and Ilya also recorded a new Crash Log podcast episode this week!

Until next week!

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