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The Crash Report: 08/17/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
August 2019

The team had lots of conversations about future features this week. We have lots of ideas, and we’re in the process of prioritizing those ideas.

Here’s what we took action on this week to move Crash forward and help more job-seekers get hired.

It’s All in a Week’s Work

Isaac had investor meetings and potential partner meetings and a few doctor meetings.

Dave fixed several bugs across platform–some with vote counts, and some with launch-date timezone issues. He shipped improved UI for handling different launch outcomes (prepping for launch, missed launch, ready for launch) and did some performance tuning to improve the platform’s speed.

Ilya squashed lots of bugs. He also shipped a beta version of a search feature–soon, hiring managers will be able to search for Crashers by role and location!

Mitchell held new- and upcoming-launcher calls and had a few partnership discussions. He did some UX work to help making launching on Crash more self-service and wrote email copy and the week’s newsletter. He also worked on some rolefiles–a new way of using Crash profiles to feature job postings.

Chuck posted a new job hunt resource–check out this new guide to pitching a company on hiring you! He gave feedback to next week’s Crashers and added partner logos to sign-up pages. He also started a thirty-day JavaScript challenge to up his skills.

Morgan spent most of the week working on a new product video (coming soon!). She also ran social media; promoted Crashers; and had several great calls with hired Crashers to hear their feedback, what went good, and more.

That’s all for now, folks!

But if you want to keep hanging with us, you can get started with Crash by clicking that blue button below for Discover–it’s a great place to start.

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