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The Crash Report: 08/24/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
August 2019

This week, several of our team flew to San Francisco for 500 Startups’ Demo Day! Isaac pitched Crash to hundreds of investors and got to show how Crashers are changing the trajectory of career launch. 

Isaac owns the stage.

Some of our favorite highlights:

  • Isaac being excited to get on stage and talk about Crash
  • The team meeting and talking with lots of investors, press, and founders 
  • Getting to see twenty-eight other startups pitch their story, traction, and value
  • Being able to walk investors through the process of using Crash on the job hunt and sharing our vision for the future 

Being a remote team, it’s always nice to spend a few days IRL. But since we’re all back in our respective cities, we’re using this URL to talk about everything else we worked on this week. Here we go. 👇

Everything Else We Worked On This Week

Mitchell worked on lots of content planning. He did Crasher calls and feedback and wrote the week’s newsletter.

Chuck did research on content engagement and conversion strategies and tools. He gave in-depth profile feedback for next week’s launchers, and he’s working on writing email sequences for profile-creators. 

Morgan ran social media and promoted Crashers. She worked on videos for next week’s launchers and a new product video we’ll release soon. She also did research and worked on a strategy for using different hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

Dave did some clean-up work across all our codebases to ensure a consistent style. He also worked on a poll for people who only sign up to vote to help us understand what kind of user they are. 

Ilya implemented search by location (and the ability to search for remote job-seekers). He added hired badges to the profiles of Crashers who got hired, made some search fixes, and is working on an auto-launch feature. 

Until next week! 

We’re excited to continue moving the platform forward and helping more job-seekers continually win more interviews and opportunities.

Before you head out, check out this quiz we made to help you start your career! And thanks for stopping by. 👇

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