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The Crash Report: 08/31/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
August 2019

Startups are hard. They take a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and customer calls to figure out.

But startups are good. They make differences. They’re made for a reason.

Our reason: to help people discover and do what makes them come alive.

And we love seeing that actually happen.

This week, more Crashers won interviews and opportunities–through creative ways like this. Isaac heard tons of stories from our users about how they’re approaching the job hunt, the opportunities they’re winning, the challenges they’re facing, and more.

We do what we do to hear those stories–to help those Crashers win those jobs and interviews. And we couldn’t be more excited to continue building Crash and seeing where it takes them–and us.

Here’s what we worked on this week.

New Newsletters, Content, and More

Isaac talked with about fifteen Crash users to hear about their job hunt experience, share advice, and get excited with them. He wrote a handful of emails, had fifteen investor calls, and did a podcast interview.

Big news: Isaac also started his new newsletter, Inner Game of Startups, this week! It’s a raw, weekly email on the ups and downs of building a company–straight from the CEO himself. Check it out and subscribe.

Mitchell wrote a lot of content this week–and the week’s newsletter. He had several Crasher calls, scheduled several podcast episodes, guest-workshopped a Praxis Wednesday call on how to win your job hunt. He also released something big this week: a daily email where he breaks down cool first-career jobs and exactly what he’d do to land them. First issue drops Monday. Subscribe here to not miss it.

Morgan had a call with a digital marketing CEO to learn about Facebook ads and get ready to build a targeting audience. She ran social media, worked on videos, came up with marketing ideas for evergreen content she’ll start implementing next week, and wrote down lots of what she’s learned about social media marketing to share soon.

Launching Auto-Launch, Shipping Search, and a New Trial-Period Beta

Chuck shipped the new trial-period beta feature on several profiles. Now, interested hiring mangers can see if a Crasher’s a great fit by running a one-week trial period with them. (They’re already getting some neat bites!)

Trial period. So nice.

Chuck also changed what happens when you click the contact button on a profile–now, it requires being logged in to your Crash account. He emailed lots of people to encourage them to launch profiles, and he worked on getting updated database fields into Intercom.

Ilya launched auto-launch. So Crashers can now request profile feedback, then launch automatically on the platform! He also shipped search (check it out here!), made improvements to search to show hired Crashers and additional sorting, fixed a long bug with social, and added content APIs for WordPress.

That dashboard’s looking pretty nice!

Dave shipped a post-sign up flow to help us figure out who’re hiring managers, who’re Crashers, and who’s neither. He shipped landing page upates, created mockups for forthcoming changes to the homepage (and the rest of the site), and planned out and experimented with WordPress APIs for a new content architecture.

Until next week, folks!

We’ll be back soon with more behind-the-scenes updates on our work here at Crash. In the meantime, you can hang out with us a bit longer (stick around with us! We like you), take the Discover quiz to get started with Crash below. 👇

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