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The Crash Report: 09/07/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
September 2019

This week, several Crashers got hired!

We’re so excited for them. They crushed the job-hunting process (Samantha got hired three weeks after launching on Crash!). And we can’t wait to see how they excel.

Here’s a look into the work we did this week.

Interviews, Emails, and Hurricanes

Isaac got our new SDR intern up to speed. He did a podcast interview, sent emails to hiring managers. He researched education partners, had calls with them, and did investor calls. And he experienced Hurricane Dorian, which goes into the category of something definitely a whirlwind.

Mitchell launched a fun, daily newsletter. He’s sent out five issues already and has had almost a hundred people subscribe! Get them in your own inbox every day here.

Mitchell also had quite a few conversations with job-seekers, signed on a new partner, recorded a couple podcast episodes, and set up Outreach so Isaac can send emails to lots of hiring managers.

Morgan shipped the new launch playbook, reviewed several Crasher profiles to approve for launch, designed a book cover, and promoted Crashers on social media. She ran a testimonial interview, worked on the product video, sent out several promo videos to Crashers, and officially graduated the Praxis program–and she’s excited to continue moving forward with Crash.

Design Work, New Search Filters, and a Contact Form Integration

Dave did lots of design work on a new content-focused homepage. He started user roles, decided on hiring manager funcionality with Isaac and Chuck, and updated the How It Works page–oh, yeah: go check it out!

Ilya fixed a few small bugs–like listing preview and the experience dropdown. He pushed user roles over the finish line for Dave, updated launch requirements, added a partner filter to search. He also finished proof of concept for email-aliasing, and a filter for status in search is in the queue.

Chuck shipped a new contact form that auto-emails responses to users. So when someone clicks “Contact” on a profile, they can now request a tailored pitch from the Crasher, set up an interview, and more. See it in action on a profile here.

Chuck also shipped the new Launch Resources section on the dashboard (launch to see it!), reviewed Crasher profiles, emailed a lot of people to encourage them to launch, and is working on a Slack bot that lets our team know when someone requests to launch or launches.

Until next week!

We’ll be back soon with more inside looks on the work we’re doing to make job-seekers look awesome and get hired. In the meantime, check out this test we made to find a job based on your personality:

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