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The Crash Report: 09/14/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
September 2019

Twenty-two Crashers recieved interview requests this week! They’re crushing it–and we can’t wait to be by their side as they go throughout the interview process (and beyond).

Curious what happened behind-the-scenes at Crash this week?

Here we go!

Sending Emails (and More Emails)

Isaac sent hundreds of emails to hiring managers, had sixteen investor calls, and did three calls with potential business partners. He also had a podcast interview; is training our awesome SDR intern; and did product, content, and strategy review meetings with the team.

Chuck shipped Crashbot–our new notifications Slack bot. He also:

  • Revamped email sequences
  • Added personalized recommendations to the dashboard
  • Shipped a coaching call test feature on the dashboard
  • Handled lots of Intercom conversations
  • Shipped a new jobs page–see it here!
Sneak peek.

Mitchell cleaned up quite a few emails and scheduled some sequences. He sent tons of emails to hiring managers, helped several people create profiles and pitches, and spun up a new paid coaching session feature test with Chuck. He also wrote daily newsletters with job tips (which people are really enjoying), got in the weeds on our new content plan, did some partnership outreach, and wrote the week’s newsletter.

Product Videos, Product Updates

Morgan finished our newest product video! Check it out below.

She also:

  • Ran our social media
  • Made promo videos for Crashers
  • Got to share what social media marketing is like with a young entreprenuer
  • Sketched up new content page mockups
  • Studied marketing videos for script and filming ideas
  • Gave feedback on a pitch
  • Worked with Crashers to make them look awesome on the job hunt

Ilya reorganized the launch dashboard. It looks pretty great.

He also worked on email aliases, landed the first rolfile example, added new roles for Crashers to add on their profiles, and launched search-by-status on search.

Dave’s family just had a new baby–so as much as we’ll miss him being around for the next few weeks, we’re pretty thrilled for them.

That’s all for this week, folks!

Thanks for stopping by. Go check out the new jobs page to see awesome companies and ways to pitch them!

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