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The Crash Report: 09/21/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
September 2019

This week’s report is short and sweet.

Let’s hop to it.

A Few Cool Things in the Crash Space This Week

Tom Kerstetter made an awesome pitch for Omni.

Thomas Knapp created a great pitch for TechSoup.

One of our Crashers got two job-offers this week–and accepted one!

The Work We Did

Isaac wrote three blog posts about careers (including this new one!), created a twenty-four-month growth plan, brainstormed new platform features, and talked to designers. He also got started recruiting for a new marketing role.*

Mitchell created content, worked on email sequences, continued his daily newsetter (where shares job opportunities and how to pitch them), and wrote our weekly newsletter. He also worked on tailored pitches with Praxis participants and Crash users.

Morgan taught herself Webflow and designed a new anchor/landing page for content. Here’s a sneak peek.

She also ran social media, answered a question on Quora, did testimonial calls, designed social-share graphics, gave profile feedback, and wrote a lot.

Chuck focused on our montetization plan. He also worked hard on a new hiring manager dashboard and a skip-onboarding ability.

Ilya shipped:

  • Dashboard decluttering
  • Ranking updates
  • Experience description
  • A new UI flow for updating your share URL

He also created a new account settings page . . .

. . . a new view for tailored pitches . . .

. . . and is working on basic and free account tiers.

Until next week!

Thanks for reading! Before you click off this page, check out Isaac’s latest article on the #noresume movement.

Or keep reading, because there was an * on this page.

*Oh yes, we’re on the hunt for a growth marketer. We want to hit 10,000 users in the next twelve months. If that excites you, send a tailored pitch (no resumes, please) to Isaac at Crash dot co.

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