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The Crash Report: 09/28/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
September 2019

I got on Twitter earlier today to see if anyone was talking about their job hunt. A quick “the job hunt is hard” search later, I saw a few things.

  • People don’t understand why it’s so hard
  • Sadly, the same people are submitting resumes and applications repeatedly

Thing is, I think most companies hate the hiring process, too.

Because everyone’s doing what’s easy. They’re all doing the same things:

  • Submitting resumes
  • Sending the same generic application/cover letter to multiple people

Instead, the people who stand out are the ones sending a different signal.

People like Robert Cohen, who created a pitch for a really-big company and didn’t think he would get hired, but sent it off anyway. And got hired.

And like Samantha Hembree, who sent in a tailored video pitch and showed how she could create value. The company liked one of the test projects she did for them so much they hired her to focus specifcally on that area.

Or like Hunter Casillas, who’s eighteen and blew away a company so much–even though they interviewed experienced, older candidates–because he was so excited and genuine they decided to take him on. He’s already crushing it.

So yes, the job hunt is hard. You will hear and see and experience that everywhere.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Try getting creative. Instead of hundreds of applications, send in a few pitches to several specific companies.

The easiest way to stand out on the job hunt is to be different.

Just food for thought. 😉

Podcasts, Content, and Beyond

This week, Isaac did several podcast interviews. His episode on Micah Merrick’s podcast, Skill, was released this week–listen to it here! He’s also closing our fundraising round.

Mitchell wrote lots of content this week. He’s running tests on email outreach to recent college grads, did profile reviews, continued his daily newsletter, and wrote the week’s Crash newsletter.

Morgan worked out some kinks on a new Webflow anchor page. She built out a community-building workflow and Airtable base, ran social media, repurposed a podcast and testimonial interview to use as new content, and wrote content.

The Work We Did on the Platform

Chuck worked on email campaigns to reengage users. He ran Intercom chat support, and he also added a back-office tool to change which partner a user is associated with.

Ilya’s working on integrating billing to our platform. He fixed a bug in Edge that wasn’t letting users sign up, and he also fixed minor issues with tailored pitch slugs.

Until next week!

We’ll be back soon with more inside looks into our work. In the meantime, check out Isaac’s recent blog post about building your digital reputation.

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