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The Crash Report: 10/05/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
October 2019

“The reason I love Crash is because it makes me feel less helpless. I’m not afraid to work hard, and I like that what you’ve built makes it easier for me to prove to people what I can do.”

Molly McKinney

๐Ÿ‘† This is from an awesome coaching call Mitchell did during the week.

Molly said before finding Crash, she didn’t feel like she knew exactly what to do or how to go about getting hired for a role she didn’t have experience in.

Now she feels excited and like she has clear direction.

This is us.

This makes us absolutely thrilled to continue building the most valuable tool we canโ€“to keep experimenting and learning so people like Molly can better prove what they can do.

Here’s a breakdown of what we did the past few days.

Research, Content-Creation, and Outreach

Isaac did some channel partner meetings and research. He recruited and interviewed, and he did a lot of legal things.

Mitchell had a coaching call with a customer (see above!). He wrote content and daily emails, worked with several Crashers on pitching specific opportunities, and did a lot of outreach to recent college grads. He also wrote the week’s newsletter.

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Morgan sent out a lot of emails to connect with Crashers, schedule testimonial interviews, and hear where they’re at in their job hunt. She ran social media, did outreach to a handful of portfolio owners, added new job openings to our jobs board, wrote some content, and worked on a Facebook ad she’ll run soon.

Building Out the Platform

Dave’s spiking out an on-platform chat and messaging. He worked with a designer, Chuck, and Isaac on new homepage designs, and he did some logistics for an all-hands team meeting in November.

Ilya worked on more pain plans and pricing. He optimized some images for faster load times. He also fixed some sign-up redirecting and an error when loading onboarding without login.

Chuck updated the Discover landing page (check it out below!). He reviewed new homepage designs with Dave and Isaac, did some troubleshooting on Facebook conversion events with Morgan, and got started on some Discover and profile content recommendations based on roles.

That’s all for now, folks!

Thanks for stopping by. Before you click off, check out Discoverโ€“it’s like the enneagram for careers.

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