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The Crash Report: October 19, 2019

Morgan Von Gunten
October 2019

We spent the week doing interviews, editing content, and shipping updates.

Here’s a look into the details.

Writing (and Other Things)

Isaac did interviews with half a dozen marketers and firms. He had partner calls, and he did podcast interviews. He also wrote more about startup life in his weekly newsletter.

Chuck finished the new homepage design work with our design contractor. He worked with the marketing and engineering teams to outline what templates we need to build, figured out what we need metrics- and tracking-wise for the new content site, fixed a few bugs related to user roles, and worked on a post for Makerpad (almost done!).

Mitchell edited lots of content this week. He worked on traction ideas and tracking, worked with Crashers on profiles and tailored pitches, planned another webinar, did a lot of outreach to college grads, launched at ad test with He guest-appeared on a Praxis Wednesday session to talk about why sales is a great place to launch your career, and he also wrote the weekly newsletter for Crash and

Morgan worked with Dave to ship a new how-to-pitch site (made in Webflow)–take the first look here! She recorded and edited testimonial videos, ran social media, edited lots of content. She’s also running another test with a Facebook ad and is brainstorming on how to create more-valuable content.

Chat is Coming to Town (Plus Other Platform Updates)

Dave shipped chat to internal users for testing! He stood up the proxy to allow the marketing team to iterate on content independent of engineering efforts, worked on homepage design feedback (and finalized designs), and started blog post page designs for the new content site.

Ilya’s working on internal style refractors in the app and a UI-add on. He worked on a new navbar, a new footer, is working on the new homepage, and he removed old resource management. He also recorded a new episode of Crash Log with Dave–listen to what they’re putting outhere!

That’s all for now!

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