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The Crash Report: 10/26/2019

Morgan Von Gunten
October 2019

“Thanks in part to the help of Crash, I actually accepted an offer today!”

Jed Mahrle, Crasher

This week, we went heads-down in preparation for a big site update next month. We also got to hear stories like Jed’s (we’re pretty thrilled for him) and see more people not only join Crash, but also be equipped to get opportunities they’re actually excited for–like the Crasher who wrote this in a pitch for a company he’s interviewing with:

“Because I bring a technical background to the table, you can reduce overhead by hiring me into your sales role, even though I don’t have the sales experience–where you traditionally need a salesperson and a sales engineer…I can do both.”

Here’s what we did this week to gain traction, build out the product, and more.

A Summary of Our Work This Week

  • Released a new no-resume tool built with no code: How to Pitch
  • Our story of building tools with no code to save engineering time got featured on Makerpad (written by the one and only Chuck Grimmett)
  • Dave and Chuck continued working toward our new content site launch (this meant finishing new website styling, mocking up category and article pages, fixing WordPress integrations, debugging issues that broke our API for a bit, and collaborating with marketing to decide which content to release first)
  • Isaac, Mitchell, and Morgan wrote thousands of words in the form of anchor post copy, blog articles, tweets, emails, weekly newsletters, and more
  • Answered our first how-to-pitch request (thanks, Orion!)
  • Reviewed Crasher profiles (nearly a hundred launchers!)
  • Isaac had podcast interviews and handled tons of phone calls
  • Worked on some top-of-funnel tests (ads, landing pages, a webinar, built a calculator tool for upcoming content)
  • Morgan finished a new page design in Webflow for content on how to launch your career in specific entry-level roles
  • Mitchell outlined how-to-pitch tactics for a playbook he’s creating (we can’t wait to see how this makes the job hunt so much easier)
Sneak preview of something coming soon.

Outside of Work

  • Ilya and his family had a baby!
  • Chuck signed a contract to buy a house
  • Morgan worked on her side project: a short story
  • Mitchell got snow in Denver and has already been listening to Christmas music
  • Dave worked on the schedule for team retreat next month

Brainstorming the Product

We’ll be spending a few days in the same office soon. We’ve got a few things to figure out while we’re there, all centered on the product itself: where do we take Crash next?

So Isaac’s challenged the team to answer these questions in preparation for our meet-up:

  1. Who is the platform working well for today? Why? How?
  2. If you were on the job hunt, what would be the tool that would make you say, “Wow. This is incredible. Of course I would use this.” What does that tool have?

See ya later!

To stand out on the job hunt,






Try again.




Do something.

Show it.

The hiring manager at the company you want to work for is so much more likely to notice the person who does those things.

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