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The Crash Report: 11.02.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
November 2019

This week, Mitchell carved a pumpkin.

Burn your resume.

But in all seriousness 😉, this week:

  • We worked on the new content site
  • Isaac did meetings with college career centers to learn more about the pain points grads have on the job hunt
  • Answered and posted a handful of How to Pitch requests–see the answers for a sales representative opening, a customer success job, and a sales associate role!
  • Isaac, Mitchell, and Morgan wrote more content–quite a few blog posts, tweets, and newsletters
  • The marketing team worked on new content pages (we’re really excited to share these soon!)
  • Mitchell sent the weekly newsletter, where he shared an early draft of a guidebook on repeatable tactics for winning the job hunt
  • Gave feedback and had calls with Crashers on the job hunt
  • Isaac made a presentation for an upcoming conference
  • Chuck dug into conversions and events with Jeremy, a growth marketer working with us this month
  • Morgan did styling work on several Webflow pages
  • Started work on adding new ad platform trackers to the app

Chuck also refreshed the profile print-to-PDF styles. Also known as the “they’re really asking for a resume” version of the Crash profile.

Last week, we quietly passed a hundred launched Crashers! There are now over four hundred completed job-hunt profiles on Crash, and those hundred-plus have run a public job hunt campaign. We’re excited for each of them–they’re pretty awesome people.

We’ll be writing to you next week after returning from a team retreat in Colorado. Until then, check out Isaac’s latest piece on going no-resume.

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