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The Crash Report: 11.09.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
November 2019

This week at Crash looked a bit different than normal.

We got most of the team together in Colorado to plan the next version of the product.

Most people approach the job hunt a specific way (with resumes). Since our approach (no resume) is quite the opposite, we got inside the head of our ideal customer and brainstormed:

  • What pushes job-seekers away from the status-quo approach?
  • What pulls them toward the Crash approach?
  • What worries them about the Crash approach?
  • What habits bring them back to the status quo?

Then we spent an hour, on our own, brainstorming a product that would meet the needs of our ideal customer based on the answers to the above questions–a product you wouldn’t be able to say “no” to.

We had a lot of ideas (sixty made it onto the whiteboard). Then we voted. And ranked. And narrowed the ideas down into a few different routes we could take, or a few we could mix into one product with different pulls and incentives.

We also hiked Garden of the Gods in-between sessions.

By the end of our trip, before we went our separate ways, we’d started planning version two of the new product. We’ve got four different things to test–so we’ll be trying landing pages, some tests with job-seekers and hiring managers, and a few more super-secret things. 😉

The Coolest Story of the Week

Kevin crushed his job hunt process–it took about twenty days. He’s now an SDR at User Interviews.

His profile is an awesome example of showing your skill through your work. He proved he could do the job before he had it.

Besides our product retreat, a few more things happened:

  • Reviewed profiles for launch
  • Helped Crashers with pitches
  • Isaac had a new podcast interview
  • Made performance updates and fixed some bugs
  • Wrote and edited lots of content (newsletters, marketing email sequences, social media posts, articles, landing page copy)
  • Ilya is working on an internal style refactor (moving from ember-component-css to ember-css-modules) so we’ll have the ability to update to Glimmer components in the future
  • Mitchell drove a cumulative of ten hours (give or take another hour) from Denver to Colorado Springs, from Colorado Springs to Denver, from Denver to Colorado Springs (and so forth)

We’re getting started on new product testing–so we’ll be back soon with more updates. Thanks for stopping by!

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