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The Crash Report: 11.16.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
November 2019

This week, we were all about marketing–well, marketing-related content. We spent the weekdays promoting marketing resources–a new ultimate guide to breaking to marketing; great companies to study; and stories from Amanda Jones, Brad Matthews, and my own here.

But we also did a bit more this week to bring Crash forward. Here’s a breakdown of our work.


  • Did a lot of email and personal outreach to promote content and reach hiring managers
  • Reviewed and worked on the job hunt process with Crashers
  • Worked on writing, editing, designing, and reviewing content for next week (we’ll be focusing on a new entry-level role next week!)
  • Answered more How to Pitch requests–check out Mitchell’s answers for an account services internship and a create-your-own-role opening!
  • Jeremy launched three new landing pages for ad tests
  • Isaac and Mitchell wrote newsletters–check out Isaac’s here, and Mitchell’s first-career-job newsletter here
  • Morgan created and updated several landing pages in Webflow
  • Jeremy launched Google and Quora ads for Crash, started optimizations, and worked on growing the Crash Instagram account

In Product and Engineering

  • Shipped metrics trackers
  • Spec’d out the “Crash Process”–a product test the team brainstormed last week–and pitch upgrades
  • Working on an all-post page
  • Shipped performance improvements, performance upgrades for posts, fixed some memory leaks, and added query performance tooling
  • Chuck had a call with a potential customer who wants to break into data science
  • Fixed a custom tech bug on the tech stack
  • Ilya continued doing style-refactoring
  • Started decoupling the tailored pitches from profiles
  • Investigated VIDEOASK integration

Welcoming Jeremy to the Team

This week, we got a new full-time member: Jérémy Chevallier! He’s joining us to do growth marketing, and we’re excited to grow with him.

Before you go…

Check out our ultimate guide to starting your career in marketing–or, if you know someone who’s looking to become a marketer, share it with ’em and help them get started faster!

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