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The Crash Report: 11.23.2019

Morgan Von Gunten
November 2019

Marketing defines the brand, and product brings the brand to life by building a great product. Together, the two teams hope to create a world-class brand and product.

Gibson Biddle, in his post Branding for Builders

I’ve tried to keep that quote near the top of my mind this week. Gibson was the product VP at Netflix as it jumped from young company to world-class product, and his thought that marketing and product are intertwined–as they define and build, discover and construct–puts into words for me just how important teams are.

We need the team. We can’t expect to build a great brand or a category-leading product if we don’t work together to define and build, discover and construct. Especially at startups. 😉

I enjoy seeing that value interwoven into Crash’s core. We do it constantly. We try to jump at the chance to help a team member out. We don’t live in our own little worlds, only expected to do what falls under our title (what are titles, anyway, but names we give to people we hire so they have a sense of what to do?). Teams don’t work alone, and if we take to heart that “Together, the…teams hope to create a world-class brand and product,” I think something amazing can emerge.

Speaking of teams (do ya like my super-obvious jump to the week’s Crash Report? Pretty fancy), here’s the work our awesome team accomplished this week.

Here’s the Report

  • Upgraded our first 1,000 users to Pro accounts for free, for life! (We made some changes to our pricing model this week–free accounts have more abilities, and Pro is now only a one-time $49)
  • Improved error performance for the web app
  • Worked on the ability to create a tailored pitch without having first created a profile
  • Reviewed Crash profiles
  • Promoted new content–we released a new ultimate guide on starting your career in customer success with zero experience–check it out here!
  • Ran more Google Ads tests
  • Edited and wrote content
  • Shipped a new product test with Praxis, one of our awesome partners
  • Added more awesome partners! Check out their participants profiles by choosing from the partner drop-down menu here.
  • Triaged and fixed bugs
  • Investigated performance issues
  • Did a lot of email outreach
  • Talked with partners
  • Started building out a brand guidebook
  • Built new pages in Webflow
  • Started mocking up a new dashboard
  • Wrote newsletters
  • Worked on content strategy
  • Did some work on on-platform video recording
  • Added conversion events all over the platform

The End (For Now)

Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you’re curious about breaking into startup life, check out this ultimate guide on why customer success is an awesome place to start your career–even if you’ve got no experience.

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