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Why to Send Something Different Than a Resume

Isaac Morehouse
Isaac Morehouse
January 2021

There are thousands of great stories of how people got jobs, and they all sent something different than a resume. From pretending to be a taco delivery guy, to sending a burrito to a CEO, to doing a flip on a trampoline, to creating a landing page, and many more.

There’s a reason that out of the box approaches to applying for a job get dramatically better results than just sending the same old resume.

It’s not because people sent the perfect thing. It’s because they sent something different than a resume.

I’ve seen many projects and pitches that didn’t quite hit the mark but still resulted in interviews. Why? Because employers know you won’t know everything about the role from the outside, and not all of your ideas will be good. They are OK with that. They’ll have to hire someone like that no matter what. They expect to have to do some training.

What they don’t know is how to tell which candidates have the grit, persistence, passion, work ethic, independent thinking, and creativity to be WORTH working with and training.

When you send something unique, the mere fact that you thought to do it, took the time to make it, and had the courage to send it signal that you are highly likely to be worth an interview. Even if you don’t demonstrate perfect competence for the job at hand, you demonstrate the raw materials that might make you good at it with some training.

Don’t leave your job hunt results to fate. Pick some cool companies, and send them something special! Even if it’s not perfect, it’s going to be better than a resume.