I got an email this weekend from someone who made an ask for help on her business. She gave me a quick update, then asked if I’d be willing to take a call so she could bounce some ideas around and figure out the best way to take the next steps. I have a little bit of history with this person, but not much. In fact, the one time we met was because she emailed me cold and ask if I’d be willing to get coffee when she was in my city, to ask me questions about the project she was working on. The point is, I said yes both times, because she was not afraid to ask for help. She was bold, clear, concise, and it feels good to help people when you can. I don’t always say yes to such requests, but what’s most surprising is how rare they are. Very few people think to simply ask someone who’s been through what they’re going through for help. Generally speaking, people like to help. And people are always at least a bit flattered that you asked them. So if you’re on the job hunt, looking to break into a totally new job or industry, or trying to level up your career in any way, don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance from someone who’s taken a similar path. Even if you don’t know them! Worst case, they ignore you. Best case, they help. Either way you lose nothing, and gain a little confidence and practice in the asking.
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