Worried a video pitch won’t work? You could be right (but you’ll fail forward).

Yes, it’s possible a video pitch won’t work, but you can still fail forward.

We don’t promise a silver bullet. You could make a pitch, send it in an email, follow up, and still never hear back from a company. (Though, this is the exception!).

But even if a single pitch fails, you still win, for 1 big reason:

You got a rep in!

You learned HOW to pitch.

When you do something for the first time, it won’t be automatic, e.g. learning to golf, asking out a girl, or learning to speak publicly.

Same goes for a pitch! Your first one might not be perfect.

But failure is a prerequisite to success!

Fail forward

Even if the first video pitch won’t work, you still dig the grooves of how to pitch. You’ll figure out the start-to-finish roadmap of learning about a company, shooting a short video, maybe making a project, and running a short sales campaign.

Once you feel that pattern, you’ll be pumped to keep doing it! You’ll fail forward.

And you’ll get better each time.

Based on the Crash average, you’ll land an interview after just 3 pitches.

P.S. Still not convinced? Remember that cold-sending resumes works 1% of the time. ; )

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Looking to take action? Remember, resumes have a response rate under 1%.

Video pitches have a response rate over 80%.

Stop sending paper resumes. Start sending video pitches.

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For months I was struggling to fit my non-traditional experiences into a resume and it simply didn’t work. With Crash, I was able to go from pitch to interview to offer within 24 hours. It felt like magic.

George Garcia

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