You ever do one of those diets where you start by documenting everything you eat in a normal day? Always pretty humbling to realize how much more empty carbs and junk we sneak in than it seems like!

Try it with your information consumption sometime. How much of the content you consume has some value or substance to it?

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty, but there is a hidden opportunity in your content consumption. If you introduce two or three really meaty items per week, you’ll notice your mental state, and your ability to see and seize opportunities, getting stronger.

Instead of trying to ban yourself from too much consumption of fluffy stuff, try introducing some quality stuff and not worrying about the rest. Not only will you get mentally stronger, but you’ll start to crave better information more once you develop the taste.

Add these three things to your diet for a few weeks and see what happens:

  1. Find a good podcast in an area you’re interested in. One that’s more than just gossip and mind-candy. Make a habit to listen to an episode every week. Preferably while going for an afternoon walk.
  2. Find a quality newsletter to subscribe to and read it every week. Do it in the morning to start a day.
  3. Always have a good book you’re reading, and read a chapter or at least a few pages each night before bed.

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Sharpen your mind to find a job

You may wonder what adding quality information consumption to your diet will do to help you find a job. A winning job hunt is as much about mindset and perspective than it is executing on tasks. Your ability to see opportunity where others don’t, be curious about companies, get creative about how to apply, and your attitude through the process are major success factors. A solid info diet helps prime your creativity, curiosity, and confidence.

Don’t stress about all those info carbs you consume scanning Instagram, just add some quality info meat to your diet! You just might find a job as a result.

Looking for a good podcast? Here’s a Career Crashers episode with Silas on how to pitch a company:

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