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Go Your Own Way, but Don’t Go it Alone – Be Different on the Job Hunt

Isaac Morehouse
Isaac Morehouse
February 2021

If you want to win in your job hunt, you’ve got to go your own way.

You can’t just follow the rules and the crowd and expect good outcomes. If you landed here, you know this. You are looking for ways to be different on the job hunt. You’re not ready to settle for a job you hate, or even a job-hunting process you hate.

You’re ready to go your own way.

But you don’t have to go it alone! Lots of individuals are going their own way. They’re not going the exact same way as you – hence going their own way – but the fact that they’re bucking the status quo means they share something in common with you.

Be great on your job hunt, go your own way

Entrepreneurs with radically different companies can relate. Pro athletes from radically different sports can relate. People breaking the mold and making career moves around their unique goals and interests – instead of the jobs bored (get it? bored?) and resume sameness – can relate too.

At Crash, we’re all about a better job hunt, which leads to a better career. And we’re all about being different. You can take the road less travelled AND get the benefit of support from those taking other roads less travelled.

We’re here to help!

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