How to Learn on Your Own (and build job skills)

The possibilities are endless.

When you learn on your own, you create your future.

You become a free agent who is designing your very experience, not letting life happen.

Unfortunately, in school growing up, we learned to let things happen to us.

stand in line
follow directions
do homework assignments
go from class to class
do what others expect of us

And one key belief was formed: learning happens from an authority figure.

But this isn’t true! No true learning happens unless you understand a concept for yourself.

Yes, there is plenty of value in finding mentors, guides, and master coaches who can lead the way. The key there though, is the word ‘finding.’ YOU choose what to learn, where to learn, and from whom to learn.

Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.

JOHN holt

How to learn on your own to build your career

With this agency and empowerment, you can gain any skills you want, without permission.

Want to figure out design? Do a daily design challenge (even if you suck at first), and interview designers to learn about the field.

Curious about coding? Dive into small projects on Python, enroll in a code bootcamp, and document as you go.

Want to learn SEO? Hop on Moz and start watching videos, and start a blog to test out the knowledge.

The possibilities are endless.

Steer your ship

With this approach, you build a body of work that signals to potential employers the type of person you are (creative, curious, growth minded, proactive, and more).

There is so much power in this approach. Don’t sell yourself short! Just follow your curiosity (which school didn’t let you do), and begin to create projects, and build momentum.

You’ll be glad you got started.

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