Stand Out Resume

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out (in 1 minute)

Isaac Morehouse
Isaac Morehouse
January 2021

Make your resume stand out.

Burn it.

No, I’m not kidding!

Hell, a video of you burning your resume is far more likely to get you an interview than your resume itself.

Look, I could tell you a bunch of stuff about font size and format and margins and where to put experience or education. Frankly, none of that matters. The odds that anything you do with your resume will make the difference between getting and interview or getting ignored is almost zero.

85% of jobs are filled by someone who did not come through the application process. Of the remaining 15% that come from outside apps, the average posting gets 250 resumes. So if you apply with a resume like everyone else, no matter how good it is, you have a 15% chance of having a 0.4% chance of getting the job.

Why play that game?

Make your resume stand out. Don’t send one.

Send something better.

Learn a bit about the company, role, and hiring manager. Find their email address (and maybe a few other people at the company). Take a few minutes or even a few hours to put together an example of your skills (a small project) and a short video telling them 1) how much you love the company, 2) what motivates you as a person, and 3) why you’re a fit for the role.

Send it.

No one does this and it stands out!

Crash users have a response rate for pitches of around 80%. And 35% of pitches result in an interview. You don’t need to be a math wiz to see which game is worth playing.

The best  is to never send one.

Burn your resume. Make something special. Pitch them.