Learn Your Way In – 1 Superpower to Get Hired

You can learn your way into a job.

I read today’s issue of the (phenomenal) newsletter, The Playbook, and it was about a concept near and dear to me: Learning Out Loud.

I began learning out loud through daily blogging and weekly podcasting, as well as sharing everything from videos on my various projects, to email newsletters on my startup efforts. It’s payed dividends every time.

Publicly sharing what I’m learning WHILE I’m learning it (not after I’ve mastered it) has made me interesting, accessible, and memorable to people. It’s resulted in projects, speaking gigs, interviews, job offers, customers, employees, investors, and friends. I never would’ve had all this if I kept everything to myself.

And learning out loud works on the job hunt too!

You can learn your way in.

If you’re adding a skill or software tool, don’t do it in secret! Say you want to learn some no-code skills with Airtable and Notion. Then share out loud! Because you don’t just watch some videos and play around in secret!

Document and share your process with a daily or weekly blog post or video about your learning and tinkering. So Tweet it, tag the company, and most of all don’t be embarrassed about where you are.

You might share something useful to others, and you will definitely signal humility, curiosity, persistence, and lots of other good traits people are interested in on the job hunt. You can often win jobs above your level of skill and experience if the hiring manager knows you are someone who can learn well. Publicly sharing the learning process shows this in spades.

Go for it!

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