Why Video Resumes Win Interviews

Joel Bein
November 2020

Companies don’t exist in reality. Humans do.

Wait, what?

Yeah, “company” is an abstraction that describes a group of individual, sovereign people each making decisions.

Each individual puts his or her pants on in the morning, just like you.

So “company” doesn’t exist per se. You can’t touch it. This is akin to a forest of trees. “Forest” doesn’t exist, but trees do.

Where am I going with this?

Well, there is an individual who wakes up in the morning, gets dressed, pours coffee, has a to-do list of job applications to sift through. This human also has struggles, desires, worries, and ambitions. He maybe just wants to have an accomplished and worthwhile day.

A video resume will make this person’s day.

Why? Because it’s exciting, different, and most of all, way more human than a normal resume.

So remember that companies are people, too. It behooves you to place yourself in that person’s shoes.

Speak to a soul

You don’t have the experience and qualifications for this role, but your pitch and profile are so strong and show you’re a hustler, so we’re going to give you a shot anyway!

Hiring manager in an email to a Crasher

With a video resume (a pitch), you can look straight in your webcam and speak from your soul.

You can convey, through your eyes, the genuine excitement you have for that company.

Then when that human watches your video, she’ll feel connected to you. She’ll feel elated as you help her meet her needs to be seen, understood, and appreciated.

How does that work? For one, you made her job 10 times easier by presenting yourself as creative, interesting, and bold.

She no longer needs to interpret bullet points.

And, you are talking about that company, the company that person works for, day in and day out. Because your pitch is tailored, you’ve spoken to the heart of the human viewing your pitch.

good job is largely anonymous and forgotten (but still important).  A personal job, on the other hand, is humanized.  It brings us closer together.  It might not be remarkable, but it stands out as memorable because (however briefly) the recipient of the work was touched by someone else.  Often, remarkable work is personal too, but personal might just be enough for today.

– Seth Godin

Cut through the noise on the job hunt

If you want to win in life, here’s a good rule of thumb: do what most people aren’t doing.

The unfortunate truth right now is that most people don’t like their jobs, most people are unhealthy, most people are financially unsound, and most people fail to see their own personal agency.

So be different.

Embrace your weird-ass self.

Send a video pitch and stand out amongst the crowd.

It might feel uncomfortable, because part of you wants to blend in with the norm, for a sense of belonging.

But you don’t need to blend in to belong. Your unique, authentic self is enough, just the way you are.

So celebrate that!

Show ’em who you are in a video resume. Humanize yourself. Humanize the people at that company.

The ROI will be exponential.

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