“Not To Worry, I Have A Permit”

Almost all the people we talk to in our coaching practice suffer from a mindset that's stifling any attempts at standing out from the very start.

One fundamental property of a free society is the relationship of its citizens to the rule of law.

Unlike organizations and institutions (governments), citizens don’t require explicit permission to do things in a free society. Instead, anything that is not explicitly outlawed, is permitted to them. 

Why am I boring you with a civics lesson on a Friday afternoon? 
Am I trying to ruin your weekend before it’s even started? 

Not quite. 

Rather, I’m trying to make you aware of the freedoms you already enjoy. 

Because it seems like almost all the people we talk to in our coaching practice suffer from a permission-seeking mindset. And it’s stifling any attempts at standing out from the very start.

Of course, I know where it comes from.
We grow up with it.

From the time we’re young, we have to ask adults for stuff that we’re unable to do ourselves. 

Then, we spend countless hours in formal school environments where everything revolves around following directions, standing in line, and raising our hand to ask permission before we do anything — even something as small as going to the bathroom. 

This fosters a mindset where you don’t even think about doing anything unless you’re explicitly told it’s okay. 

And so we end up with a vast amount of very talented job hunters with huge ambitions, who still end up not going anywhere, because they’re paralyzed by doubt. 

I don’t think I can do that.
I don’t think I’m ready.
I don’t think I’m qualified. 

But when you dig a little deeper, they’re not really in doubt. They just need someone to tell them it’s okay. 

If that’s you, then let’s not waste any more time.
Here’s your answer: YES. 

Yes, it’s okay.

Yes, you have permission to go do something different. 
Yes, you have permission to go after that thing you think you’re not worthy of.
Yes, you have permission to try something, and fail.

For the Harry Potter fans: here is your sock, consider yourself free. 

Now go out and do what nobody else is doing.

Apply, even if you don’t meet the job requirements. 
Reach out to the HM personally, even if the ad said to fill out the portal.
Send a pitch video, even when it says to upload a resume.

That is how you win.

Like a smart lady once said:

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me.
it’s who’s going to stop me.” 

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