Say Yes! Then, No.

Early in your career, say yes to everything. It doesn't even mater whether you work in an office or at a fast food restaurant. Just say yes to absolutely everything.

Be More Human!

The biggest fear of job seekers is that they won't find a job. The biggest fear of currently employed people is that their job will be automated away. Funny enough, the cure for both of these is the same: be more human.

One Hundred Flip Phones

Would you rather have a hundred flip phones or one smart phone? Not a hard question, is it? Clearly you'd rather have one great phone than a whole bunch of meh ones. You only need one, after all.

The Key to Happiness And Everything

Over the last hundred years, countless studies have been conducted in order to find out what causes depression, and other mental health issues. One of the more interesting ones was done on a bunch of rodents who had a shower installed in their cage, together with a button.

The Anti-News Newsletter

It's kind of ironic how we refer to the Daily Job Hunt as a newsletter. Because when you think about what the news typically is, it's pretty much the exact opposite of what you find in the DJH.

Pitch ≠ Video Resume

Some people say that a pitch is like a resume, but in a slightly nicer (video) format. But that's like saying that a phone is just glass and metal in a slightly nicer format. It misses the whole point.

One Small Step You Can Take Today

Let's get real for a minute. If you're like most people here, you're not actually job hunting. you're just thinking about job hunting. We get it, it's fun. After all, you can be whatever you want to be in your imagination...