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Have you ever played an online game, and you were about to make an epic move, but then the game lagged, and so you missed and got beat? That's frustrating stuff. Job hunting can often feel very similar.

Stop Hammering the HM

“If all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.” There is almost no area in life where this expression applies more than job hunting.

Be a Skeptic — Not a Cynic

It's good to be skeptical. But we also all know that one person who meets every new idea with contempt and cynicism. And such people are not fun to hang around. So what's the difference?

Stop Looking For A Job

I challenge you to stop looking for a job. Stop looking through endless lists of similarly named job listings on a jobs board. Flip the script and start with yourself.
Peter Thiel

How NOT to Be a Mercenary

"What truth do you know that very few people agree with you on?" This is the question that legendary entrepreneur and VC investor Peter Thiel likes to ask startup entrepreneurs who are looking for an investment from him. For Peter, this question drives at the core of what their business is all about.