Why Can’t I Get a Job Interview?

You can't get a job interview because a resume will not get the hiring manager's attention in 6 seconds. No matter how nicely formatted.

Three Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making

Bottom line, it's in your hands. Get creative, put in some work, follow-up, and you will get better jobs faster than the typical approach.

Career Crashers: 4 Reasons to Start a Podcast and ...

This week on Career Crashers Joel is breaking down one of the best tools for building your career, starting a podcast! Most people imagine you have to be an expert in some field before you can start podcasting, but the

Don’t Overthink the Job Hunt

People who are sharp enough to stop and think about the job hunt instead of just plodding along like the masses are often also people who can think too much.

How To Be Thoughtful (and win interviews)

Whenever you’re on the job hunt, one of your main problems is having to cut through all the noise. After all, your average job opening gets dozens and dozens, sometimes hundreds of applicants. Here's how you can stand out.

What to Wear When Job Hunting

Relax, it's not as stuffy as you think.

How to Read a Job Posting

Send PROOF you can do THIS JOB by doing some of it ahead of time!

How to Job Hunt – 5 Steps to Lay a Foundatio...

It's gonna take more work up front, but it will pay off, as each additional effort after will be easier and more effective.

You Can Be Yourself at Work: Have Fun on the Job ...

Have you seen most resumes and cover letters? Not only are the uninteresting, they are utterly humorless and unfun.

tell your story
Tell Your Story: How You See Yourself Changes How ...

The most important audience is you, and the most important story to learn to tell is your story.