7 Best Books for your Career Change (Or if youR...

Ambitious but unsure where to start your career? We've got you covered with this list of 7 great books to help you figure it out.

Career Crash Stories: Becoming a Pro Writer

Scrubbing pizza pans and delivering food in a busted down Outback for below minimum wage wasn’t where I thought I would find myself after graduating college. After all, I’d spent tens of thousands of dollars and devoted six years of

Career Launch: Where We’re Going, We DonR...

There are no age restrictions, no educational preconditions, no fancy paper or bags of cash needed. Anyone who is truly ready and willing to launch a career can.

IBM CEO: Job Skills, Not Degrees

Companies will do what they view as the best for them. Show them that taking a chance on you is the best move they can make.

crash point where to start building your career
It’s Time to Launch a Career — Here’s How

We're creating a community around out of-the-box career launch journeys. Tools, tips, resources, stories, feedback, and ideas to help you take charge.

10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

You have to take charge of building your personal brand and work out loud instead.

Why Non-Tech People Should Work in Tech Startups

If you want to get into the world of tech startups as a non-tech person, there's no college major, certification, or course that will do it for you. The best way is to get experience as soon as possible.

5 Ways to Create Value Through a Blog Post

Every single thing in your experience can be written about in a way that makes someone else's life easier or more fulfilling. If you can develop a mindset that sees ordinary things from that angle, you'll be on the road

You Can’t Rush a Great Career But You Can Ru...

You don't need to discover your calling or passion or pick your career or industry right now or next month or next year or in ten years

The Secret Skill that Beats All the Rest

There is a skill you can master which will guarantee everything you do will improve by at least 50%, but probably more like 100%, and more over time.