Career Crashers 43: Lauren Keys on creating a career that leads to financial independence

Corné van Straten
June 2020

Today’s guest retired at 29.

Yes, you read that right. And, no, we’re not talking about someone who got lucky as an early employee at a unicorn company, about someone with a big inheritance, or even about a successful entrepreneur with an online lifestyle business.

Lauren Keys started out as a waitress, and launched her career from nothing.

But she continuously leveled up her skills and gradually took on more and more responsibility by being vocal about her interests and skillset, and about how she’d like to grow.

“You have to ask.
I think a lot of times people expect a light to shine down and point to you and say ‘this is the right person for the job’ but sometimes you have to tell them: ‘I am the right person for the job. I can do that for you.'”

Now Lauren is the co-creator of Trip of a Lifestyle, a blog that helps you find your own path to financial independence and adventure.

In this episode Isaac and Lauren talk about how Lauren launched her career by doing cold outreach, how she and her husband avoided lifestyle inflation to reach financial independence, and her work at Trip of a Lifestyle.

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Show notes

  • How Lauren defines her career
  • How cold calling/mailing helped Lauren start her career
  • How Lauren found her first job after college by driving around and looking for cool buildings
  • Why having more than one skill matters early in your career
  • Pursuing financial independence
  • How Lauren and her husband were able to “retire” before they hit 30

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