Career Crashers 44: Tim Toterhi on why perspective, persistence and creativity are the keys to a great career

Corné van Straten
July 2020

Tim Toterhi is a career coach and author of several books including The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job and The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting.

But he didn’t end up in that position by going to career coach school (in case you thought such a school exists). In fact, Tim’s own career path was far from a straight line.

He tried out everything from technical writing to sales and project management. And even though not every job he tried was the perfect fit, he found that he could get at least competent at most anything he tried, by quickly building skills.

“It’s just a matter of being methodical about chasing the next learning. And that’s the mindset that you should have: thinking about how you’re going to learn the next thing.”

After 20 years of working in project management, Tim honed in on his skills with writing and teaching to create a niche helping others grow their careers.

Listen to Tim explain how he uses creativity to overcome obstacles, to the point that he can regularly do public speaking as an introvert, and why you should never “fake it till you make it.”

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Show notes

  • How a sales job helped Tim start a business as a career coach
  • How do you differentiate yourself from everyone who has your job title?
  • Having a wide perspective
  • Taking career risks and betting on yourself
  • Perspective, persistence, and being creative
  • How do you learn to be a good speaker as an introvert
  • Changing from the war for talent to the space race
  • Creating gravity in your career

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