Career Crashers 45: TK Coleman on why curiosity creates opportunities

Corné van Straten
July 2020

A philosophy professor, a financial advisor, an American idol contestant, a barista, a public speaker, and a nursing home caretaker walk into a bar.

The bartender says: “What’s up TK?”

It’s no joke. TK Coleman’s career path has really been one of the most colorful and multifaceted journeys you’ll ever hear about—and he shows no signs of stopping.

Instead of chasing status and following prestigious career paths, TK is relentless in following his curiosity wherever it may lead him.

What matters to me in the job that I do is that it either seems interesting to me for its own sake, or it seems like it’s something that is relevant to something that I want to do in the future.

Seeing every job as an opportunity to learn something new, TK has gone in many different directions—sometimes quitting lucrative and well-paying careers to pursue something new.

And although his frequent changes of direction may give his friends, family and even respected mentors heart palpitations, TK is not concerned about losing out on money or status at all.

I have absolute faith that it’s impossible for me to get stuck. Because how can you get stuck when the essence of who you are is dynamic and always evolving and you’re always learning? You can’t get stuck!

This is truly TK’s superpower: the creativity to see an opportunity to learn and grow in any job. Listen to TK explain how to harness your imagination and curiosity to develop this superpower for yourself.

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Show notes

  • How TK career journey hasn’t followed a linear path
  • Why curiosity is key to a great career
  • How TK thought through career opportunities
  • Bringing creativity to the way you see the world
  • Why doing your work with enthusiasm leads to new opportunities
  • Dealing with pressure from others when making a career change
  • No one will give you a refund on your regret
  • Why you should invest and be creative in pursuing your goals without fears exploitation

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