Career Crashers 46: Lauren Hasson on being your own advocate and asking for opportunity

Corné van Straten
July 2020

Unemployed, credit cards maxed out, relying on tiny unemployment checks to survive. This was Lauren Hasson nine years ago.

Her only asset was a completely outdated Computer Science degree, that she had earned way back, before iPhones even existed.

So she started over from zero, got herself an internship with 90 days to prove herself. And what she lacked in technical skills she made up for in effort.

Within two years, I went from rock bottom to winning company-wide awards four times, winning major hackathons and having my iOS work featured in an Apple keynote.

This is how Lauren went from nobody to top of her field (quadrupling her salary) in a few short years.

The key thing Lauren learned was how to advocate for herself (i.e. how to pitch herself), building her brand and making sure that people knew who she was.

I’m constantly stepping up, and showing up, and I’m asking. Even when it terrifies me.

Now, she’s the founder of develop[her], a platform that teaches women (and men) how to do what she did: build value and earn more money in tech.

Stupid simple things: I stepped up, showed up and asked. Constantly building my network, internal and external. Always learning new and valuable skills and having the portfolio to show that you have those skills.

Listen to Lauren’s incredible story, and learn how you can create amazing opportunities for yourself by becoming your own best advocate.

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Show notes

  • How Lauren went from being out of tech to finding success in the industry within two years
  • How consistently volunteering at hackathons when she was an intern led Lauren to placing 2nd at a high profile hackathon
  • Why having a bias toward action matters in building and growing a career
  • Doing good work alone is not enough, you have to be able to show your work, be your own advocate, and ask for opportunities
  • Why your reputation matters

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