Career Crashers 54: Carlos Alfaro on Creating a Career Talking about Ideas

Corné van Straten
September 2020

From a young age, Carlos Alfaro was interested in the world of ideas and philosophy, especially those regarding policy.

Like most people, he still thought that politics was the way to change the world, so he became politically active in college, helping out various campaigns along the way.

But, in doing so, he learned that there are very few jobs in campaigning, with most of them being volunteer or very low-paid internships.

“I spent a lot of summers working my butt off for these campaigns. And whether they were successful or not, it seemed to be the world that I was stuck in. There was no real path to move forward, unless you knew somebody or unless you created your own thing.”

Still wanting to center his career around ideas, philosophy and policy, he started to look at other options—especially in the non-profit world.

Listen to Carlos’ story of how he dropped out of college and created a career for himself talking about the ideas he loved.

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Show notes

  • Carlos’ experience in college and why he decided to drop out
  • Working in politics and then transitioning to focus on non-profits
  • The steps Carlos took to start Arizona Talks (a non-profit) and raise funding
  • Why finding a clear way to explain your vision/mission is key
  • Don’t try to speak to everyone, focus on who matters most

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