Career Crashers 55: John Britton on Finding Opportunities for your Unique Talent Stack

Corné van Straten
September 2020

John Britton is the founder of Raise.dev where he helps developers build the skills and experience they need to get hired and level up in their careers.

In this episode, John’s shares his own career story.

After spending five years in and around college, doing coops and study abroad programs, John got himself a job at a startup and decided to drop out.

“I could pay 40 grand a year to continue my education, or I could get paid, to start my career in earnest.”

In this episode follows John’s story from how he got started working in software development at this company, to how he got hired with GitHub, and why he started Raise.dev.

John was able to create a great career and find opportunities by leaning into the combination of skills that made him unique, his communication skills combined with his technical skills.

“To become a top 5% developer is incredibly hard. But when you are a top 20% developer and a top 20% public speaker and a top 20% educator and a top 20% something else, you’re a unique person who’s one of only a few dozen people in the world.”

Listen to learn how you can find incredible opportunities at the intersection of your skills.

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Show notes

  • Why did John drop out of college?
  • Struggling with a job hunt before finding a role as a developer evangelist
  • What led up to John getting a job at GitHub
  • Why marketing through education is the best way to connect with developers
  • The talent stack and finding opportunities at the intersection of your skills
  • What is Raise.dev and what was the process of starting it?
  • How Raise.dev helps aspiring developers learn and get hired

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