Career Crashers 57: Jibril Jackson on Leaving Wall Street Behind to Found a Startup

Corné van Straten
October 2020

Jibril Jackson is the founder of Hyve: a platform rebuilding the social media experience.

After excelling throughout school and university, and graduating from law school, Jibril started and was excelling in a career as an investment banker. But he realized that the path he was succeeding on, was not a path that led to a great destination.

“I realized: finance is fake. That’s what I learned on Wall Street. It’s completely fake. There are no secret geniuses with big numbers. Everyone’s cheating. It’s all relationship-driven. That’s the game. The movie Wall Street was right.”

So he changed direction. He left his comfortable job to set out as an entrepreneur and build something new.

In this episode, Jibril shares his journey, career insights learned, and what he is building with Hyve.

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Show notes

  • Why Jibril realized that going to law school was a mistake
  • What Jibril’s experience working on Wall Street was like and what he learned from the experience
  • Why finance doesn’t work the way we think it does, and why relationships matter a lot more than data
  • Power comes from social networks and social proof
  • How becoming a father changed the way that Jibril thought about his career
  • Why Jibril decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur and left his job on Wall Street before finding a business idea
  • What the process of creating the startup Hyve was like for Jibril
  • What is Hyve?
  • Don’t focus on prestige, focus on finding a job with great peers

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