Career Crashers 58: Joel Bein on Showing Up For Your Dreams

Corné van Straten
October 2020

For most of us, there are things in life we approach with professionalism, and other things we approach a lot less seriously.

We approach our jobs as professionals, but then our dreams can fall by the wayside. We put them off to another day, another month, or next year.

“You’re a professional in your regular day job to make sure you can pay the bills. Even if you don’t like that job, you’re going to make sure you show up on time and take care of that responsibility.

Or even other responsibilities in life. Make sure you get your car oil changed, make sure you buy dog food, make sure you buy your kids proper clothing. You know that there are all these different tasks to be a responsible person, so to speak. But why not be a responsible person in pursuing your dream?”

When we continue to not show up for our dreams, it is no surprise that we never make progress towards them.

The only real way to make consistent progress towards our goals is to work on them everyday. To build confidence and momentum day in and day out.

Here is Joel Bein on why we need to show up for our dreams.

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Show notes

  • Non-zero days and why making small progress every day matters
  • What do non-zero days look like on a job hunt?
  • Check out Joel’s post on the power of blogging
  • Building confidence over time
  • What we can learn from kids and piñatas

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