Career Crashers 59: Sean Thielen-Esparza on going from Med-School to Tech Product Manager

Corné van Straten
October 2020

Sean Thielen-Esparza is Associate Product Manager at Hyperscience, a company that uses machine learning to automate and modernize processes and operations for large scale companies and organizations.

Sean has a fascinating story of crashing his career by leaving behind a promising opportunity in healthcare to pursue opportunities in tech on the other side of the country in NYC.

“I learned to be upfront, show your value. Make sure that the hiring manager or recruiter knows exactly why you’d be a good fit. They have no reason not to give you at least a first round interview if you do that effectively.”

Listen to how Sean went off to make it in NYC with little more than a laptop and $500 in his backpack.

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Show notes

  • Sean’s background up to moving to New York to work as a tech product manager
  • Why Sean decided to get off the med-school track, turn down a healthcare job offer, and pursue a career in tech
  • How did Sean decide what type of companies that he wanted to focus on
  • What Sean’s process for finding opportunities was like from identifying companies, to finding emails, and pitching key players at the companies he was focused on
  • How Twitter and email allow us to completely rethink the way we go about finding job opportunities
  • Balancing thriving in an internship with pursuing full-time opportunities
  • What the first year working as a project manager has been like for Sean

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