Career Crashers 62: Invest in Your Growth Mindset

Corné van Straten
November 2020

It is easy to get discouraged when looking at the list of requirements on a job posting. Previous experience, marketing skills, tech skills, sales skills, nunchuck skills, the list goes on and on.

How do you press forward and convince a company that you are the right fit for a job, even if you don’t have all the skills and experience they’ve listed?

You want to signal left and right that you’re going to appreciate in value and become indispensable.

Joel has the answer in this week’s episode about investing in a growth mindset.

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Show notes

  • If you make a growth mindset your number one soft skill, there is no limit to what you can accomplish
  • When you’re looking at job postings, don’t dismiss your chances if you don’t perfectly fit the description
  • Companies want to hire people that can do the job, but also can grow and provide long term return on investment
  • Why motivation matters a lot more than experience when it comes to getting opportunities early in your career
  • Building confidence over time by taking on your own projects
  • As you develop your ability to learn, you become more and more confident in your ability to communicate your abilities to others

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