Career Crashers 63: Henry Johnson on Finding the Rocketship for your Career

Corné van Straten
November 2020

In a world full of so many different companies on so many different job boards, how can you narrow down to the ones that will provide you with the best opportunity for growth? That’s what we’re talking about today with Henry Johnson, the creator of Rocketshipjobs.com.

“I am to job boards what playlists are to Spotify.”

You’ll learn about what makes a company a rocketship company, how to find them for yourself, and how to find and win great opportunities with them. If you want to try out the Rocketship Jobs newsletter, go to rocketshipjobs.com.

Once you do, and you find great companies you want to pitch, go to crash.co to create your account and send them a pitch that blows them away!

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Show notes

  • Why regular job boards are a waste of time.
  • What it means to find a company that’s trying to get wet at a waterfall, not find water in the desert.
  • Why Henry didn’t want to work at a large company anymore, but started to look at startups instead.
  • What to look for in a company. What makes a rocketship company?
  • How to get opportunities at amazing companies before they ever hit the job boards.
  • Using social media posts for cold outreach.

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