Career Crashers 64: Jerrod Harlan on Investing in Yourself and Launching a Career in Copywriting

Corné van Straten
November 2020

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Jerrod Harlan to learn how he crashed his career in copywriting!

Jerrod was a participant in the Praxis professional bootcamp, and decided he wanted to pursue a career as a copywriter.

“When the time came that I was having my first email back and forth with my first prospect, they asked if I had samples, and I did. Because I just put in the work to write them before anybody asked me to.”

Simply starting to write email sequences helped Jerrod, not only in building a portfolio to show prospects, but also to overcome imposter syndrome.

“Specifically, how it manifests is: ‘I’m not ready to take on a client until I read this next book, or until I take this next course or until, insert XYZ.’

And so, a lot of people want to become copywriters, and they never become one because they can’t just do it. They can’t accept that the first couple of things that they’re going to write are not good. They feel like they have to be a master before they take step 1″

With his own initiative, support from mentors, and personal projects he has been able to quickly develop a thriving career.

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Show notes

  • Transitioning from sales to copywriting
  • How Jerrod taught himself copywriting by simply starting to do it
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Learning better from paid work
  • Going from consuming content and not feeling ready to jumping in and getting his first four clients
  • How investing in a mentor ended up paying for itself 200-fold
  • Investing in yourself to level up
  • Becoming a six figure copywriter

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