Career Crashers 65: Silas Mahner on How Projects and Pitches Set You Apart

Corné van Straten
November 2020

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Silas Mahner to talk about creating projects as career signals and using Crash to pitch companies.

Silas is an associate consultant for NextWave Partners, where he is helping to develop its global energy and infrastructure growth initiative.

“Sales skills are very important in any role, no matter what you’re doing. So learning how to sell your past, regardless of what it was, to a potential employer, is extremely important.”

Prior to landing this job, Silas used Crash to land interviews for a number of different opportunities. In this episode, he shares his formula for creating a pitch that will make you stand out.

“If you show interest in the company by saying “I’m excited about your mission” and then cite a couple of things that you’ve read about them, you’ve already put yourself at the top of the list for attention.”

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Show notes

  • How Silas discovered his passion for creating content when he went through the Praxis bootcamp
  • Just get started on your creative projects
  • How documenting your experiences allows you to see skills that you had overlooked
  • Making connections to nurture job opportunities
  • Turning your experiences into signals of your ability to create value
  • Silas’ process for using Crash and sending pitches on his job hunt

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