Career Crashers 66: Lolita Allgyer on Bringing Self-Directed Learning to Your Career

Corné van Straten
December 2020

“I cold-called everyone in my contact list. Probably around 500 people.”

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Lolita Allgyer to talk about her experience growing up with self-directed learning how she has applied it to her career.

Lolita is currently a copywriter at Traffic Craft and former content strategist at Praxis, a role she started before she even turned 18.

“Being the youngest one on such a brilliant team was probably the biggest growth for me that could have been possible at that age.”

Lolita was home educated, so taking charge of her own learning has always been important to her. Today she shares her story of building a great career at a young age and her advice for others on teaching yourself skills and applying them at work.

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Show notes

  • Lolita’s early experience with entrepreneurship
  • Taking part in the Praxis bootcamp
  • Learning and practicing sales skills by starting a podcast
  • How being young can be an advantage
  • Lolita’s advice for others on how to get started and do well will self-education

Connect with Lolita

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