Career Crashers 67: Eugene Fernandes on Using Crash to Launch Your Career

Corné van Straten
December 2020

This week on Career Crashers, Jeremy is joined by Eugene Fernandes!

Eugene is a Crash user and recently accepted a role as growth manager at Podscribe.

Jeremy and Eugene talk about Eugene’s job hunt and break down everything from how he found companies to how he landed a great opportunity with Podscribe.

“If you want to make an impact, you have to stand out. And you can’t stand out unless you provide something of quality.”

Eugene also shares his advice for others setting out on a job hunt based on everything he’s learned on his journey.

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Show notes

  • How Eugene translated his degree in Philosophy into marketable skills
  • Side projects he started to increase his online footprint
  • How to find really interesting companies
  • Thoroughly researching a company and its founders before making a pitch

Connect with Eugene

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